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Friday, April 4, 2008

Club P.A.N. February 2008 update

Club P.A.N. has now been up and running since October 2007, each of the classes participating in club P.A.N. have been guided through one nature lesson per week so far and everything has been running even better than expected!

In February, Club P.A.N. held a “journée pedagogique”, a day for the various teachers, assistants and students of club P.A.N. to come together and exchange their ideas and experiences on the lessons and activities. Below are some of the videos and photos from the day and from the lessons that have taken place so far.

The exchange was fruitful and a huge success, many important dignitaries from the Taï region and beyond were present to show their support for club P.A.N. Some of the classes have even come up with club P.A.N. songs composed by the school groups themselves. We hope to pick the best song at the end of the year as our club P.A.N. theme!

The Conservation Group would like to thank the organizers of Club P.A.N operating in Ivory Coast (click on all images to enlarge):

as well as the many suporters of club P.A.N.:

Club P.A.N. would not be possible without the help of the directors of the participating schools:

and the teachers that give the lessons (a few of whom are shown below):

Below are some images and videos taken from the Club P.A.N. classes that were ongoing in February 2008 (all pictures taken by Julia Reidel)
Club P.A.N. Paulé-oula:

Club P.A.N Sakré 1. Their instructor, Modeste Gnonkonte (in orange) built this bamboo outdoor classroom for his students so that they would be immersed in the nature they are studying.

Club P.A.N. Ziriglo:

Some more images from the February classes:

Finally, a few videos of the classes and songs that have been developped by the clubs:
Club P.A.N. Sakré present their songs about "le papillion" (the butterfly) and Club P.A.N.:

A girl from the club P.A.N. that operates in the village of Petit Tiemé, sings the Petit Tiemé club P.A.N. song:

The Club P.A.N. that operates in the village of Ziriglo, is shown in this video clip from one of their meetings in February 2008.

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