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Friday, April 4, 2008

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology's Conservation Group & Club P.A.N.

(from left to right, rear row: Thomas Breuer, Cristina Gomes, Celestin Kouakou, Mimi Arandjelovic. front row: Julia Riedel, Shelly Masi, Claudia Borchers)

Club P.A.N. is the brain child of Thomas Breuer and Julia Riedel. Thomas has been involved in a similar program Club Ebobo in schools around the field site at which he studies gorillas, Mbeli Bai, Republic of Congo. Julia has been involved in a cultural exchange project between German and Ivorian schools and thought that a Club Ebobo-type program in Ivory Coast would be perfect for a school system without any environmental studies.

Conservation Group Members who participated in the creation of Club P.A.N. are: Cristina Gomes, Thomas Breuer, Julia Riedel, Mimi Arandjelovic, Shelly Masi and Geneviève Campbell.

The Conservation Group approached the WCF with the club P.A.N. concept, in order to use their framework, solid infrastructure and strong ties with the Ivorian school system (Ministère de l’éducation National: Inspection de l’enseignement Primaire de Soubré1 (CPE)) to plan and organize the activities of the education program. Club P.A.N. has so far been able to obtain funding from the following granting agencies: Cleveland Zoo ($2981 USD), Columbus Zoo ($5000 USD), Rufford Small Grant (£4503 BPS), the WWF (2,952,000 FCFA) and a Conservation Education Suitcase from the Brevard Zoo (valued at $900 (USD)).

The Conservation Group was also responsible for designing the 10 lessons for club P.A.N. for the 2007-2008 schoo l year. Club P.A.N. is indebted to the many francophone translators who translated our lessons into french, to the artisits, Claudia Farack & Heike Opizzo, and book editor, Andrea Farack, who volunteered their time and skill in illustrating the pages of our text book.

Dr. Ilka Herbinger of the WCF, Ivory Coast has been running the program and organizing the logistics for the project in country. Two Ivorian nationals, Mr Guilahoux Hilaire, (Coordonnateur Général CPE) and Mr Ouattara Dabila (Coordonnateur CPE-IEP, Soubré), have also recently joined the project and will be travelling between the 10 schools around the Tai National Park to supervise and guide the teachers through the club P.A.N. lessons. Club P.A.N. will be operating in the following villages in 2007-2008:

Petit Tiémé
and 4 schools in Soubré.

Our 2007-2008 funders:

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