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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Club P.A.N. day at the Leipzig Zoo

Julia Riedel fundraising for Club P.A.N. at the Leipzig Zoo

Thanks to everyone who visited us at the Leipzig Zoo Saturday, Nov 1st!

Our three Club P.A.N. gorillas entertained zoo visitors while members of the MPI Conservation Group guided children in chimpanzee mask making. Visitors also were treated to monkey oragami courtesy of Gouagami (Click here to make your own!) and could sign their name on a leaf to add it to our conservation tree.

We raised just under 100€ today and the money will be used to support Club P.A.N.'s activities in Ivory Coast.

If you would like to donate to Club P.A.N. please visit the WCF website or contact Julia Riedel:

The Club P.A.N. gorillas
(Laura Muniz, Jessica Junker & Mimi Arandjelovic)

Julia Riedel & Caroline Deimel help children and parents make chimpanzee masks

Adrian Melnyk shows a visitor how to make a
Gouagami mokey (click here for instructions!)

Caroline Deimel, Julia Riedel and Adrian Melnyk making masks and Gouagami

The Club P.A.N. gorillas entertaining zoo visitors

Franka Simea Schaebs adds signed leaves to our conservation tree

Julia Riedel and Doreen Schulz crafting with zoo visitors

Grit Schubert demonstrates how to make a
Gouagami monkey (click here for instructions!)

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