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Thursday, April 9, 2009

US Fish & WIldlife Great Ape Conservation Fund Grant for the WCF and Club P.A.N.!

Club P.A.N. has been awarded a $52,749 (USD) grant from US Fish and Wildlife to run Club P.A.N. in 2009-2010 and undertake a bushmeat market survey to evaluate the impacts of the Club on poaching around Tai National Park.
We are extremely excited about this development and look forward to a fun and rewarding school year!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Schulzentrum Friesgasse students & teachers support Club P.A.N.!

From the 18-20th March 2009, two members of the conservation group of the MPI-EVA, Caroline Deimel & Julia Riedel, visited the Schulzentrum Friesgasse school in Vienna, Austria. In collaboration with the biology teachers of the school, Caro and Julia presented Club P.A.N.'s activities to the students and fund raised for the 2008-2009 school year of the club.

In total, 17 classes (1A/B/C/D, 2A/B/C, 3A/B/C, 4A/B/C, 5A/B & 8A/B) participated and took park in a variety of activities: All classes listened to a one hour presentation on wild chimpanzees, threats to African apes and conservation.

Class 4A had a full day project and made posters depicting the 3 African great ape species and the rainforest for display in their biology class room. Students from the class also wrote letters to the Ivorian students of Club P.A.N. and will now be taking part in a letter exchange with the Club P.A.N. schools. Class 4A was also treated to a two hour cooking session in the school's kitchen where Caro & Julia cooked African food (yam, plantains, sweet potatoes with peanut and pumpkinseed-sauce) for the students.

Class 4A from the Schulzentrum Friesgasse school in Vienna, Austria

Each child contributed 2 Euros to the Club PAN project, which translates into a t-shirt for one Ivorian pupil each. All together, the pupils donated 880 Euros. The organizing teacher, Mag. Karin Kneringer-Kwapil and her husband Clemens topped up the sum to 1000 euros!!! The headmaster of the school, Sister Beatrix, donated another 100 Euros to Club P.A.N. summimg to a total of 1100 Euros!

We would like to thank the Schulzentrum Friesgasse students and teachers for a great day and their very generous contributions to Club P.A.N.! Herzlich Dank an alle & Merci a tous!

Mag. Karin Kneringer-Kwapil

Students making the rainforest poster

Students in front of their chimpanzee poster

Students making the gorilla poster

Students making the bonobo poster

More funding for the 2008-2009 club P.A.N. school year!

The Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven has generously donated 1000€ to support Club P.A.N.'s activities this year. The WCF, Conservation Group of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and all the members of Club P.A.N. are thrilled to include the Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven amongst its supporters this year!