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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

!!!updated!!!: Please support our Giant African Snail Microproject

In conjunction with Club P.A.N., a conservation education project around the Tai National Park (TNP), Cote d'Ivoire, we plan to establish an African Giant Snail Farm micro-project in the village of Sakré.

Club P.A.N. Sakré is one of our most successful and enthusiastic member schools and we hope to further motivate the club P.A.N. students by rewarding them with the snail micro-project.

Snail meat is thoroughly enjoyed by the local people around TNP but is currently not domestically raised in any of the villages surrounding the forest. By creating a snail farm, we hope to provide a cheap and desirable, alternative protein source to the people around the TNP with the overall aim of decreasing bushmeat hunting in the protected area

In only two years the project will become self sustaining and all income will be reinvested in Club P.A.N. Sakré.

We are looking for private donations to get this program underway, every little bit counts towards our budget of 700€! If you would like to donate please contact Julia Riedel (

Total Amount Needed: 700€
Raised so Far: 947.52€ !!!

Still Needed: 0€

The Conservation Group would like to thank the following for their kind donations:
Karline Janmaat, Andrew Fowler, Claudia Nebel, Adrian Melnyk, Martha Robbins, Julia Cissewski, Genevieve Campbell, Julia Riedel, Imong Inaoyom Sunday, Jessica Junker, Grit Schubert, Martin Surbeck, Claudia Borchers, Karin Bahrke, Roger Mundry, Dieter Lukas, Claudio Tennie, Andreas & Sabine Schubert, Katharina Matschke, Jessica Ganas, Cliff Coppolino, Katie Gray, Charles Janson, Carol, Kevin & "Ursie the Purse" Rowney-Langergraber, Yi-Chiao Chan, Louwtjie du Toit, Jörg Dietrich, Juliane Straub, Jojo Bhagavatula, Ingrid Verhoeckx, Juliane Kaminski, Vanessa Van Doren

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