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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Club P.A.N. 2009-2010 update

The 2009-2010 Club P.A.N. school year ended well and evaluations are going to be analyzed in the next month!

We are very happy to announce that Club P.A.N. succesfully expanded two new schools (in Daobly and Amaragui) which welcomed two new teachers and 120 new students to the nature clubs. Thus in 2009-2010, 12 schools with over 800 students participated in Club P.A.N.. All teachers attended two teacher training workshops and the vast majority of parents and relatives celebrated the parent's days with us. We also had parent's evenings this year, a new nature club session just for parents!

Our African Giant Snail Farm micro-project in the Club P.A.N. school of Sakré has also been successful! In January 2010, the farm was build with 6 enclosures and a starting population of 40 adult breeding snails. By May 2010, the adult snails had laid their first eggs and from these eggs the first baby snails already hatched. In July 2010, the adult snails laid another clutch of eggs (circled in red below). We thank the Sakré Club P.A.N. students and teachers who have worked so hard to make this micro project such a big success and the generous private donors who funded the project!

Sadly, Emile Gnepa, our Zirigilo Club P.A.N. teacher passed away this year in May. Mr. Gnepa was not only an excellent and motivated Club P.A.N. teacher from 2007-present, but also a teacher hired by the WCF to teach the everyday curriculum to the students of the E.P.P. Ziriglo school. For the coming school year we received applications from two other teachers in Ziriglo to lead the nature clubs. Mr. Gnepa's legacy will live on in all the students he taught and inspired during his too brief time with us.
Emile Gnepa with his Club P.A.N. students

Finally we would once again like to thank the funders for the 2009-2010 Club P.A.N. school year: US Fish and Wildlife Service Great Ape Conservation Fund (USFW GACF), the Oregon Zoo, the Columbus Zoo & Spreadshirt and Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven. Without their generous support our work would not be possible. Thank You.

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