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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Congratulations to Club P.A.N.'s Julia Riedel: Yves Rocher Fondation Umweltpreis 2011 Trophée de femmes winner

Club P.A.N.'s Julia Riedel recently won third prize (3000 euros) for Club P.A.N. through the Yves Rocher Fondation Umweltpreis 2011 Trophée de femmes. Congratulations!

The Trophée de femmes awards women working with environmental projects with the common goal of creating a future worth living. The Environmental Award honors women who contribute to nature and biodiversity, and often do so in secret. About 200 winners in over 50 countries around the world have been honored for their exemplary commitment to environmental protection and nature conservation.

The German press release can be found here:
! Congratulations Julia !

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