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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Club P.A.N. Côte d’Ivoire starts its fifth school year 2011/2012!

Congratulations to Club P.A.N. Côte d’Ivoire for a successful start to its fifth school year 2011/2012!

Club P.A.N. is now operating in twelve primary schools around the Taï National Park and is coordinated by Mr. Guilahoux and Mr. Ouattara. The teacher training, pre-evaluations and the first five lessons have already been succesfully completed and we wish all the students and teachers good luck for the rest of the Club P.A.N. year!

A big thank you goes to our partners and funders: Rufford Small Grant, Columbus Zoo, WWF, Brevard Zoo, DierenPark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund, Minnesota Zoo, Leipzig Zoo, Schulzentrum Friesgasse Wien, Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven, Oregon Zoo and USFW GACF, Benefizgala Biberach, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Kepler Gymnasium, Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund, Yves Rocher Foundation and Sweden Chimpanzee Trust.

Club P.A.N. Guinea starts in 2nd school year!

Congratulations to Club P.A.N. Guinea for a successful start into its second school year 2011/2012!

Thanks to the WCF Team lead by Sébastien Regnaut, the funding from the Guinea Alumina Corporation and the support of the Direction Préfectorale de l’Education de Boké, Club P.A.N. in Guinea is now implemented in four primary schools, in the villages of

  • Boulléré (teacher M. L. Bah)
  • Doubhi (teacher M. T. Bah)
  • Mobhi (teacher D. Sylla) and
  • Tchian-Koun-Tyolli (teacher A. O. Bah)
Club P.A.N. Guinea is currently teaching around 300 children in these 4 schools and will cover the ten Club P.A.N. lessons on environmental education.

We would like to thank our two long term Club P.A.N. coordinators from Côte d’Ivoire Mr. Guilahoux and Mr. Ouattara for supervising the Club P.A.N. Guinea Team and for having conducted a successful teacher training in December 2011 in the village of Doubhi. Thanks as well to our two Guinean coordinators: Mr. Kaba and Mr. Diallo!