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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Club P.A.N.: End of the School Year 2014-2015 Report

Club P.A.N. outdoor nature class room
Club P.A.N. has now been active for its 8th consecutive year in Côte d’Ivoire, around the Taï National Park, and for its 5th year in the regions of Sangaredi and Dabola in Guinea. The number of schools we managed to work in increased again, with 7 schools in Guinea and 15 schools in Côte d’Ivoire!

 It was a wonderful school year with great activities and outcomes from the parents" days and conservation activities. During lesson 11 we had some great conservation projects including a big tree planting project and the construction of a new goat farm as a school micro-project.

In cooperation with the partner school project WCF runs with German schools such as the Humboldt Gymnasium in Werdau and the Kepler Gymnasium in Leipzig, the school in Adamakro received a new building with new class rooms.

Thanks to the money German pupils donated to the project to cover school fees and study materials, 6 girls were able to attend school this year. A big thank you to the German schools!

Club P.A.N. class from Adamakro with their music instruments

The highlight of this school year was the creation of a new Club P.A.N. lesson (Number 12!!!) by researchers from the Robert Koch-Institute in Berlin. This lesson was a response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014 and concentrated on good hygienic practices and the prevention of disease transmission. The children received new posters, lesson materials, soap and buckets.

New Club P.A.N. lesson created by researchers from the Robert Koch-Institute
about good hygienic practices and prevention of disease transmission

The Club P.A.N. teacher training in October 2014 was conducted this time at the research station in Taï National Park with support of OIPR, CPE, TMP and TCP. The teachers and principals were able to see the primary tropical rainforest and parts of the training were conducted in the forest during nature walks. This was our most enjoyed and successful teacher training to date!

Club P.A.N. teacher training in Taï National Park October 2014