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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Successfull Club P.A.N. school year 2015/2016

September 2016

Club P.A.N. was fully active during this school year; reaching five schools in Côte d’Ivoire with more than 260 children and four schools in Guinea with more than 480 children. All participating children attended two evaluations and 12 sessions. Children were included in the preparation of a parents’ day at the end of their school year reaching more than 4300 villagers and parents with their presentations.

The final report of the Club P.A.N. school year 2015/2016 can be found here:

We would like to thank the sponsors of the Club P.A.N. school year 2015/2016:
Kepler Gymnasium Leipzig, Alexander von Humboldt Gymnasium Werdau, Global Giving, Zürcher Tierschutz, Paul Schiller Stiftung, Marianne Knecht, Halidmann Stiftung, Zoo Leipzig, and Zoo am Meer Bremerhafen.
All the private donors: Adam van Casteren, Ania Charles, Alexander Kopp, Aman Kalan, Amanda Seed, Amy Clanin, Andrea Peuker, Anja Landsmann, Anna Preis, Birgit Dietrich, C.&V. Schulz, Carol Einspenner, Caroline Deimel, Carolyn Rowney, Catherine Crockford, Chiara Barbieri, Christophe Deutsch, Dana Pfefferle, Daniel Stahl, Dawna Wallis, Deborah Moore, Dieter Lukas, Dr. Thomas Grossse, Fee Zimmermann, Gaelle Bocksberger, Genevieve Campbell, Geraldine Fahy, Gisela Kopp, Grit Schubert, Hilary Gillespie, Ina Scheerschmidt, Ingo Schmidinger, Jason Rowland, Jennifer Feuerstein, Jesse Dabney, Jessica Junker, Joerg Dietrich, Julia  Cissewski, Julie Lesnik, Laure Soro, Louis Lazure, Louwtjie du Toit, Lubina Hajduk-Veljkovic, Lutz & Eveline Riedel, Lydia Luncz, Manuel Bohn, Marlyn Morley, Mark Whitten, Marlen Fröhlich, Marlen Riedel, Maureen McCarthy, Melanie Seiler, Melissa Ongman, Michael Richards, Mimi Arandjelovic, Mr. Lempert, Ms Kummer, Pamela Heidi Douglas, Paulina Niewiadomska, Rodel Francisco Canoso, Sahlmann, Sonja Hufnagl, Tobias Deschner. Tomislav Maricic, Victoria Wobber, Vincent Maibach, and Yi-Chiao Chan.


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